Posed vs Lifestyle: My top four reasons to love both
I’ll say upfront that I include a mixture of both posed and lifestyle images in a gallery. This is almost always the case and here’s why. 
1. Everyone wants the Grandmother shot
You know, the one where everyone’s face is showing and they’re looking at the camera. This is typically what grandparents want to update their frames or show a friend. This posed shot is a family favorite to show off. 
2. The interaction shot is what you needed & didn’t know
Chances are you’ll end up loving the interaction shot. It shows family members interacting in ways that you normally don’t see from your view point. This lifestyle one will end up tugging on your heart for the sweet simplicity. 
3. Posed + Lifestyle = Beautiful Wall Art
I love the potential for creating wall art with a collection of images! Take your favorite photos of similar looks with varying groups + interactions to create a beautiful wall art gallery or album. A collection of posed & lifestyle images together creates a story. 
4. Mixing up posing let’s you relax!
Let’s be real...no one wants to smile on command for an extended period of time. Giving space for natural interactions takes the pressure off and more often than not allows for more genuine expressions to show!
These are my top four reasons why I love both posed + lifestyle family photos. I personally fill my walls with a mixture of both. We center a family photo and include an interactive shot + everyone looking as well as personality shots of each child. 
I think we spent a whole year where my middle child scowled in every photo and I lived for that two second window when she’d turn and giggle afterwards. It will forever be cemented in my memory bank and re-lived each time I look at her photos from that era.
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