1. The Reservoir!
Pros: Steep hill and lots of space! Allen County has several reservoirs. We use the ones by Elida. The side off of Kemp Road has steps but there are other parking areas around. My husband grew up sledding on the reservoir in winter and running on the reservoir for summer conditioning. 
Cons: Windy! You are exposed to the elements and the higher to the top the colder and windier it gets. This may not be great for little ones but you can always go part way up the hill instead of clear to the top. 
2. Ottawa Metro Park
Pros: A nice hill that is secluded from the main roads because it is in the metro park. There are several directions you can sled down once you get to the top and the beautiful pine grove is just across from the sledding hill. It's lovely after a fresh snow!
Cons: The hill is a natural area meaning plants and tall grasses are underneath the snow if you go off the path! The park road does go by the bottom of one side of the hill, so though it's not a main highway you'll want to be mindful if you get enough speed you can ramp onto the park drive. 
3. Faurot Park
Pros: Faurot Park is a popular hang out on a snow day! Often times the main road through the park is closed off to make a safe sledding hill without traffic. Sometimes a fire is even started at the pavilion below the sledding hill. 
Cons: This spot can get busy! As the day goes on the hill gets more slick and sledding may not be great for little ones due to speed. 
4. St. Mary's, KC Geiger Park
Pros: This is in Auglaize County but if you're not far from St. Mary's this is a fun sledding hill! It's off the road but a close climb from the parking lot. 
Cons: Distance may be a deterrent if you're not out this way. You may also encounter lots of other people on a snow day. There aren't stairs to climb back up but it's a nice hill once you get to the top!
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