Top 3 Family Photo Styling Tips

I love talking about styling choices for family photos. There is a lot to be said about the color scheme and collection of outfits you choose. After all, they’ll ultimately be hanging in your home and you want them to be pleasing to the eye!
My #1 tip is coordinate don’t match
Family photos blend better when colors coordinate rather than match exactly. Find a color scheme with complementing hues instead of putting everyone in the exact same color. 
Also, keep in mind how you want to display your family photos. Northwest Ohio has all the seasons and colors vary widely! Plan your outfit choices so they will enhance where you plan to display them. 
My #2 tip is understated is underrated 
The outfits you pick for your family photos do not need to be overdone. Solids with classic neutrals go a long way. 
Adding layers and textures will add appeal. Use accessories to add a pop of color and flair. 
If you choose to use patterns, pick one pattern and center the rest of the outfit pieces around it. 
My #3 tip is pick for personalities
In the end, you are the one who knows your family members best. You, and your family, will enjoy images that speak to their personalities. If your daughter never wears dresses, family photos aren’t the ideal time to change her style. 
Don’t expect your children or spouse to feel comfortable in a new style. Include them in the planning process and discuss any expectations you have for family photos in advance. 
Remember, these will be your photos to enjoy and you want to enjoy looking at them for years to come! 
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