Ohio is beautiful in fall! 
Ohio is absolutely beautiful in fall. The crisp mornings that warm up into a sunshine filled afternoon and then end with the perfect evening for a hoodie and a bonfire. For some, there is not better time of the year. My husband would have fall year round!

However, if you've lived in Ohio for the changing seasons before, you also know that the temperatures and weather can be up and down, in and out, or flipped completely around in a 24 hour span.

The truth is, there is no perfect answer to when is the perfect fall session but there are plenty of wonderful options! Here are my best tips to finding the sweet spot for your fall session, 
1) Add outfits with layers 
Fall is a perfect opportunity to accessorize. Add cardigans, tights, boots, hats or vests to outfits that can be taken on or off.
2) Snuggle up 
Fall sessions are great to snuggle up with your family. Cozy on an old quilt or right next to your  loved ones. Enjoying the time with your family will only make you love your pictures more.
3) Colors vs Colder 
If peak colors is a must this typically happens mid October to early Nov. The timing varies year to year.  Keep in mind the longer into the season the more color, the more leaves on the ground and generally speaking the cooler the temp. 
4) Pick bold colors for an early fall session 
If cold temps are a concern, rock an early fall session at the end of September. Pick a gorgeous fall color theme for your outfits! I have an early fall location that has great outbuildings and old trees. 
5) Be flexible 
If an outfit or kid's attitude isn't exactly what you imagined that's okay! We can have a great time no matter what. Grab some hot cocoa after your session or plan another special treat to commemorate the occasion!

Ready to take the next step?  For more information about fall offerings please email or message me! Email mary@goodshotsphoto.com for more info or questions!

Stay kind & curious, 
Mary, Good Shots Photography
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