Hello! Welcome to the seasonal sessions landing page. 
As a family photographer in Ohio sometimes what works best at this stage in life is a short seasonal session. These sessions are set up back to back at a specific location and time. 
You will find information here about spring sessions, fall sessions, holiday sessions (Easter minis, Christmas minis, 4th of July minis, etc.) and any other special offerings I am currently running.
These sessions are perfect for families wanting a short and sweet session (aka mini sessions). We keep them quick! You can expect your session to last approximately 10-15 minutes in length.   
If you prefer a different time or location than what is offered, please book a regular session. I would be happy to discuss how to create the session you need!

These are shortened seasonal sessions. To book a regular full session please contact mary@goodshotsphoto.com
Message me for questions!
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