Fields of Sunflower Dreams
If you're looking for the perfect sunflower road trip then look no further than Northwest Ohio and School House Farms. Farmer Vaughn and company have perfected the sunflower operation. It's a beautiful scene with sprawling fields just off of OH 127. 
School House Farm in Bloom Festival
There is a lovely festival the farm puts on, typically in August to coincide with the Route 127 Garage Sales (a whole different road trip in itself!). The 2022 festival is August 4-7. Find all the details at the School House Farms in Bloom event
The vastness of the fields at sunset is breathtaking. Truly, you need to experience the beauty to fully understand. 
Sunflower Photography Sessions
If you would like to book a professional photography session in the sunflower fields I am happy to help! I have the all season photography pass for Schoolhouse Farms and would love to talk with you about setting up the perfect session! 
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