Family, children & senior northwest Ohio photographer
There's so much out there that any one person could be. What it means most to me is walking daily with my husband Brian to show our daughters & loved ones they are just that, loved. Our moments are messy, loud & chaotic. Being outdoors is where we breathe in life. They are, quite simply, the best part of me.  ​
I am a mathematician by trade, but have yet to find something that lets me live quite like photography does. I'm here for the little moments, the occasional quiet sanctuary, and will love anyone who brings coffee! Just, please, pass on the burger cause as my Ellie likes to proclaim, "Mommy is a vegetarian!"
Good Shots Photography, LLC was formed as a business with Ohio in 2017 and specializes as a natural light family photographer. I'm currently offering professional photography services in the Lima, Ohio or Holmes County, Ohio area. (Ps. Holmes County is home to me! <3) 
My style tends towards a classic, true to life look. I love the natural wonder & beauty of the world, right here, where you are today. Let's capture your loved ones! There is no better backdrop than them.  
To learn more about the photography services offered visit the sessions page or contact Mary.  
Thank you!
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